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Professional finance course and
resources to transform your life,
career, and success.

Professional finance course and
resources to transform your life,
career, and success.

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Extensive courses for every knowledge level
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Outstanding trading experience of top industry experts
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Our courses

Beginner course

Aimed at individuals with no prior knowledge of trading who are looking to either begin a career in finance or effectively manage and secure their finances.

Our Beginner course offers:

  • Introduction to financial markets
  • Understanding the mechanics of trading
  • Exploration of main trading assets
  • Basics of analysis, planning, and risk management
  • Introduction to trading psychology, etc.
Price: 250.00

Advanced сourse (Technical)

Tailored for traders with a foundational understanding, this course focuses on honing advanced technical analysis tools to enhance the precision of trading decisions.

Our Advanced (Technical) course offers:

  • Complex chart patterns and candlestick formations
  • Advanced technical indicators and oscillatorsv
  • Fibonacci retracements and extensions
  • Elliott Wave theory and harmonic patterns
  • Risk management and optimization strategies, etc.
Price: 1,000.00

Advanced сourse (Fundamental)

Crafted for traders who have grasped the basics, this course delves into fundamental analysis, empowering participants to make informed and strategic trading choices.

Our Advanced (Fundamental) course offers:

  • In-depth analysis of macroeconomic trends and indicators
  • Evaluation of earnings reports and financial statements
  • Impact of central bank policies and geopolitical factors
  • Identifying value in stocks and assessing industry dynamics
  • Long-term trend prediction based on fundamental 
insights, etc.
Price: 2,500.00

Expert course (Strategies)

Designed for seasoned traders, this course equips participants with diverse strategies and advanced execution skills to excel in the most complex market scenarios.

Our Expert (Strategies) course offers:

  • Diverse range of sophisticated trading strategies for various market conditions
  • Quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading techniques
  • Risk management for advanced trading scenarios
  • Psychology of successful trading and mental resilience
  • Precise execution using cutting-edge trading platforms and order types, etc.
Price: 3,500.00

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Our students about us

Beginner course

Tom Brighton

My problem was the randomised approach to trading. As a result, I did not manage to earn anything because I earned and lost. The solution was evident - I needed external support, not articles and books from the internet. I found Magalor and took its basic Beginner course. It was enough for me to see my strategy and approach mistakes. 👍

Intermediate course

Olivia Green

Once you are into trading, you need to realise that apart from managing assets, you will need to never stop studying. I regularly participate in webinars and take courses from different providers to upgrade my skills. The Magalor Intermediate course is very in-depth and provides many practical tasks. The quizzes help to better comprehend the material. I liked it and can recommend it to anyone who wants to get a solid background. However, the course is for those who already have some practical experience. Without it, you will hardly understand the lessons.

Beginner course

Monika Davies

This was really great! I would like to thank the Magalor team for their dedication and the development of such an all-encompassing educational environment. From start to finish, the educational process was incredibly well-organised and efficient, and the support team was always available and responsive to my needs. Finally, I have found a platform providing education in a format that best fits my expectations as I devote 90% of my time to practise and work. 👊

Beginner course

Tim Bridgestone

Customer support is great! I could not choose a proper course, the quiz results pointed to the intermediate one, but I needed something basic, as I have studied many books and guides and got a good theoretical background. I sent a request, and a Magalor manager contacted me the same day. She explained what is being provided in the Beginner and Intermediate course, what the difference is, and answered all my questions. 👌 Then she helped me with the payment. Wish me good luck, I am a student now!

Intermediate course

Edward Bites

I must admit that Magalor provides a seriously top-notch education with a unique approach to the teaching process. The lessons are informative, and I am really impressed with the quality of the video lectures. Technically everything performs great. The content is in-depth and will be enough for beginning traders. Will see how it goes on!

Intermediate course

Hugh Matts

I have not taken any course yet, but I want to thank the team for their support. I asked so many questions and sent so many requests to the support, and each time I got timely feedback. 😝 I also liked their articles and recommended books. Magalor seemed to be an all-encompassing educational space for traders: you can take courses, you can read relevant news, insights, ask for help, or take quizzes! I like it!

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